Air Freight

Comprehensive global logistics services via. Air freight paired with peace of mind and ease of business is offered by Virgo Cargo. The company offers International Freight Services like International Freight Forwarding and Air Freight Forwarding between Indonesia and all major world markets – import and export, domestic and international. Flexibility between standardized connections with fixed schedules for air charter is one of prime advantages that EXIM brings forth. Clearance services are specially structured to speed your shipments through customs – no issues, no surprises!

The wide spread transportation and distribution network helps the customer to simplify their supply chain and significantly reduce freight shipment. The customer enjoys instant access to detailed shipment and transportation information: duties, export transactions, transportation costs, and important dates. Transportation and logistics technology implemented by Exim optimizes supply chain visibility, flexibility and profitability.

Virgo Cargo has been renowned as one of the top air freight forwarders in the Island of Bali with a full range of air logistics solutions and streamlined visibility and monitoring through state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Every year Virgo Cargo handles more than thousand tons of freight, across international key markets, as well as via individual transportation solutions to remote places.

Our team are air freight experts delivering quality service worldwide.  You can rely on Virgo Cargo to provide:

  • Fixed capacities with prime carriers;
  • Standardized IT and operational systems;
  • Cargo 2000 planning and monitoring standards applied to each shipment;
  • Pallet System;
  • Container L.D. System;
  • Break Bulk System;
  • Cargo able to handle: general cargo (General package, painted woody, etc), perishable cargo (fruit, fish, vegetable, meat, etc), and live cargo (fish, pigs, dogs,etc); and
  • Courier (documents, small packages)


Each Virgo Cargo airfreight shipment is planned, controlled and measured according to Cargo 2000 procedures. It simply means that your shipments are monitored from door-to-door within our network.