This tutorial may teach you the crown knot (otherwise referred to as a lanyard knot) which could serve because the schedule of many string pendant styles. This how-to involves action-by- photos in a movie and the connected slideshow. The top knot makes a pleasant dense archipelago of troubles and uses at least four strands of cord. It is useful when understanding a knot to-use at the very least two colors of string or twine so you don’t mix up where you are in the knot. To connect the top knot, carry your four cords in a bunch. Cross the very first cord over the twine that is next. Mix the next cord over the next cord. Cross the next cord within the twine that is last. Draw the cord that is fourth beneath the first wire. Take on the cords all tight and proceed together with the four measures to make a string of knots. It doesn’t subject which cord you begin with so long as you cross it on the one inside the same order next to it everytime.