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Most countries worldwide require document legalization as a function of the export process. Documents must first be legalized in order for goods to be permitted to enter a particular country. Following the legalization procedure will minimize your export hassles and allow your particular goods access into this country without delays or fines.

Documents should be legalized only by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate, Chamber of Commerce, or Document Service provider which is typically located in any major city or port. Document legalization is a service that generally entails a fee. Please check with the Consulate or Service Provider you have chosen to determine the exact fees for your shipment. Required documents and fee schedules may differ according to commodity type.

We can assist with:

  • export document preparation
  • commercial invoice and packing list
  • certificate of origin
  • export license for garment
  • health of sanitary certificate
  • quarantine certificate
  • fumigation certificate
  • bill of lading for shipping line
  • air way bill airline process
  • customs document

It is important to ensure all your documents are in order before a shipment is en route or arrives at its destination to avoid incurring delays or fines.

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