The 4 year long voyage over the harsh seas of research has arrived at a conclusion. Outstanding situations of pain and ecstasy, anguish and elation. All kinds of things molded into a feeling of success and accomplishment. It is just a nice element i have recently the capability to explain my appreciation for those who crafted this voyage steady and enjoyable. nThe “Planetary and Geosciences Division”, an arranged researching collection, specialized in geo-cosmo-chemistry inside of Body Examine Laboratory, made available an unparallel study atmosphere and environment required for a well-balanced development of one’s analysis aptitude and acumen.

I experience privileged to be a part of this esteemed establishment throughout my formative time period. nFinancial support in the form of fellowship and investigate gives within the Area of Living space (DOS) is sincerely accepted. nI exhibit my true thankfulness to my mentor, Prof. S.K. Bhattacharya. His extremely determination merged with an important sight on investigation together with an long lasting laugh has produced an in-depth effect on me. I am indebted to him to the guidance together with the flexibility I enjoyed across. They have presented my career in science a intent in addition to a that means entire motion. nI am grateful to Prof. Krishnaswami for fixing a portion of the manuscripts and posting his essential feedback and guidelines, which assisted to help make additionally benefits. Apart from, I choose to appreciate Prof. Soma, Prof. Goswami, Prof. Ramesh, Prof. Sarin, Prof. Murty and Dr. Kanchan with regards to their favourable inputs at numerous periods of my research. We have deeply understanding for Doctor. P.N. Shukla and Doctor. G. Srinivasan for worry and reassuring text. nSincere thanks a bunch are due to Prof. Sheorey, Dr.

P. Sharma along with other school committee participants who used their time for you to critically report my function every once in awhile. nnNo degree of statement is sufficient to talk about my respect for Mr. Kurup and Mr. Shiva for his or her help out with constructing the vacuum collection for my experimental get the job done. I am also happy to your staff-people in Selection, Desktop computer Core, Workshop, Repairs and maintenance and Fluid Nitrogen features of PRL with regards to their promptness and pleasant approach. nnI beloved every last moment of my stick to JAPS (Jitti-Aninda-Pradeep) group of people with whom I shared my objectives. I am grateful to the PRL college student-family for building a ‘home away from home’ for me personally. I experience fortunate to have these kinds of colleagues like you. I also stretch my gratitude to your individuals PRL Football Team, who increased an added color to my entire life every holiday weekend. nI am at dearth of words to show my appreciation to my parents and members of the family, that definitely have been client, supporting and caring. This thesis is actually a acknowledgement of their own aspiration. nNeedless to speak about there happen to be days of tricky experiencing and conflict of key phrases far too. However it only taught me as being alot more sufferer, considerate and molded me to deal with a lot more tough concerns later on.